ESG Report Templates

Our identified best ESG reporting pages globally customized to set up your professional ESG report through Canva, a graphic design platform.

Steps of preparing ESG report templates:

  • We identify and set-up qualitative examples of industry-specific ESG reports
  • Industry specific ESG reports of leading companies are accessed and reviewed
  • Industry specific best pages for 70+ specific ESG factors are identified from such review 
  • For each of the 70+ specific ESG factors, 5 distinct best pages are selected
  • Then Canva template is set up for each page so selected (with blank text and photos etc)
  • Your company then selects one of the 5 best pages for each of the 70+ specific ESG factors as per your requirement
  • Your company then provides input for the selected pages (text, photos etc to be added)
  • Based on your company input, our team compiles the draft ESG report for your company
  • Our senior colleagues perform quality-check and also provide editing of text 
  • Then your company approves the final draft
  • If there is any confidentiality involved then your company fills-up such information itself in the draft provided
  • Our draft will be in PDF which is editable; so then your company can take over the template with blanks and complete

Valuable advantages:

  • Easy access to 100+ best ESG pages identified by us for your selection
  • Offers to select your best ESG pages choices from these 100+
  • Provides immediate preparation of your new ESG report with your selected ESG pages
  • Adds quality and strength to the new ESG report by incorporating best of ESG reporting
  • Provides industry-specific comprehensive pages choices to select ESG from
  • Helps to easily tweak the cover page and inside pages to your liking by swapping out the cover photo with your own image and using the photo editor to adjust the image settings or add different effects
  • Your data can be added to the report template with graphs and charts by editing the numbers right inside the platform; and for other data, by using text boxes to showcase milestones or pull quotes from your executive team
  • A complete visually as well as informative professional ESG report prepared in a short time
  • Affordable costs


  • 10 industry groups
  • 45+ leading industries
  • 5+ global regions
  • 70+ ESG factors

Key benefits:

  • Saves client company’s time and effort in searching and reviewing industry-specific ESG reports to prepare its own report
  • Industry-specific ESG reporting trends for key ESG factors can easily be obtained and reviewed by the client company
  • Easy adaptation of key sustainability reporting practices for key ESG factors in the client company’s ESG report