Inaugural ESG Reports: Peer Group ESG Reports

Provides 10 to 25 inaugural company sustainability reports for the user-chosen module selected from industry/sub-industry/region/country/marketcap groups.

Key features:

  • 10 to 25 inaugural ESG reports selected from the 24/7-updated collection of 1,000+ inaugural company sustainability reports
  • Inaugural ESG reports for the requested module available at one place

Key benefits:

  • Immediate and effortless access to the inaugural sustainability reports of the selected region/ country/ industry/ industry group/ marketcap group combination
  • Easy to share and discuss the reports with the user’s ESG team for insights and adaptations
  • Provides a quick-reference-point for formulating the user company’s inaugural ESG report

List of modules available:

Key Countries/Sub-Regions


Leading Industries


Market Capitalization