ESG Thought Reports

The current trending ESG issues across industry sectors globally identified and summarized into succinct reports with its most recent updates.


  • Most important current ESG news/analysis topic covered
  • Recent 12 months progress/debate/developments on the topic included
  • Comprehensively summarized in-depth  
  • 10 page easy-to-read-through report
  • Easy and quickly accessible reports


  • 25 Key regular ESG topic reports updated and refreshed each month
  • 10 Trending new ESG issues identified and summarized each month
  • Most current ESG topic news/analysis summary report made available everyday
  • 5 Global regions
  • 15+ Industry sectors
  • 24/7 Updates from established news and media portals worldwide


  • In-depth researched summaries readily available for current ESG topics
  • Saves time and resources in searching the relevant news developments of previous 12 months
  • Easy access to the most current updated version of the ESG topic report
  • Reasonably priced as multiple copies subscribed by the users of a given report

Next ESG Report Update Cycle Monthly Strategy:

  • Based on the order-frequency of an ESG topic report, our update cycle for next month will be prioritized correspondingly
  • New ESG topics suggestions for report summary will be welcomed and added in the next month’s update cycle

List of key current topics:

  • Emerging issues in the ‘Environment’ of the ESG
  • ESG Reporting: The Rising Roles
  • ESG Reporting Trends in Select Countries
  • ESG Reporting Data/Metrics Challenges
  • Immediate ESG Issues to Work on

ESG Thought-Reports titles

ESG Reports Updated Every Month

1. ESG Reporting Data/Metrics Challenges:
1) Regulating ESG Reporting Data
2) ESG Data Accuracy Challenges
3) Consistency Issues in ESG Disclosures
4) Towards a Global Comparable ESG Reporting Data
5) ESG Reporting Metrics in Excess
2. Key ESG Variables’ Trends:
1) ESG Trends in Diversity/Inclusion
2) ESG Trends in Supply Chain
3) ESG Trends in Employee Health and Safety
4) ESG Trends in Materiality
5) ESG Trends in Gender Representation
3. ESG Investing:
1) ESG Values Appreciation by Investors
2) Non-Financial ESG Parameters’ Inclusion in Investors’ Analysis
3) Socially Responsible Stocks/Funds/Ratings/Indexes
4) Growth in ESG Investments
5) Technological developments assisting ESG and ESG Investing
4. Emerging issues in the ‘Environment’ of the ESG
1) ESG Disclosures on Carbon and GHG emissions
2) Waste Management and Pollution Control Stepped-Up
3) Energy Efficiency Leading the Way in ESG Implementation
4) Responsibly Sourcing Helps the Environment
5) Biodiversity in Climate Change Crucial for ESG measures