ESG Governance: Board Diversity Quarterly Trends

600+ global new board appointments with key and supplementary diversity attributes over the recent quarter analyzed in-depth to provide the prevailing board diversity trends.

Key features:

  • 600+ new board appointments compiled and analyzed every quarter for identifying diversity trends
  • New board members analyzed by key diversity attributes i.e. gender and racial/ethnic diversity
  • New board members also analyzed by supplementary diversity attributes i.e. functional expertise, age aspects and experience
  • New board appointments for small, medium and big companies worldwide covered
  • Available for key regions/countries and leading industries
  • New board appointments information comprehensively sourced globally and locally

Key benefits:

  • Board diversity dynamics available every quarter for specific modules
  • Helps in identifying key and supplementary attributes of diversity of new board members

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Board Diversity Analysis by Key Attributes
1.1 Gender diversity
1.2 Racial/ethnic diversity

Section 2: Board Diversity Analysis by Supplementary Attributes

2.1 Functional expertise
2.2 Age aspects
2.3 Experience

Section 3: Board Diversity Analysis

3.1 By region and country
3.2 By industry group and industry
3.3 By market capitalization group

Section 4: Summary of New Board Members with Diversity: By Industry and Company Name

Section 5: Summary and Conclusions

Appendix 1: List of new board members: By country and company name
Appendix 2: List of new board members: By key attributes
Appendix 3: List of new board members: By supplementary attributes

Useful to:

  • Investors in identifying companies that meet diversity requirements while appointing new board members
  • Company management to incorporate board diversity in making new appointments
  • Regulators to check on companies that are improving diversity on their corporate boards

Region/Country modules

  • RC-1 North America: Canada

  • RC-2 North America: United States (LargeCap)

  • RC-3 North America: United States (Small-MidCap)

  • RC-4 North America: United States (Not-Listed)

  • RC-5 Asia

  • RC-6 Europe

  • RC-7 Emerging Markets

Industry group modules

Capital Goods

  • CG-1 Aerospace & Defence
  • CG-2 Automotive
  • CG-3 Construction
  • CG-4 Electronics
  • CG-5 Industrial Engineering

Consumer Goods

  • CO-1 Agricultural Products
  • CO-2 Food & Beverages
  • CO-3 Home Appliances, Furnishing and Personal Goods
  • CO-4 Textiles & Apparels


  • EN-1 Oil, Gas & Power

Financial Services

  • FS-1 Banks
  • FS-2 Diversified Financial Services
  • FS-3 Insurance
  • FS-4 Real Estate


  • HC-1 Biotechnology
  • HC-2 Healthcare Services
  • HC-3 Medical Devices
  • HC-4 Pharmaceuticals


  • MT-1 Chemicals
  • MT-2 Containers and Packaging
  • MT-3 Metal Mining
  • MT-4 Metals


  • RT-1 Wholeseller/Retailers


  • SV-1 Commercial Services
  • SV-2 Conglomerate
  • SV-3 Media & Entertainment
  • SV-4 Travel & Leisure


  • TE-1 Information & Communication Technology
  • TE-2 Software
  • TE-3 Telecom


  • TR-1 Air Freight & Logistics
  • TR-2 Airlines
  • TR-3 Ground/Rail Transportation
  • TR-4 Marine Transportation