New Candidates Available for Board Diversity

Offers details on 25 candidates eligible to be appointed on company boards meeting diversity criteria for each key industry group worldwide.

Key features:

  • 4,000 new directors evaluated every quarter to finalize best 25 candidates available to meet board diversity requirements
  • Details of 25 potential candidates to meet diversity requirements on company boards available at one place
  • Such details of 25 potential candidates available for 10 key industry groups worldwide
  • Includes board members already there in one or more companies who qualify part of the diversity group criteria
  • Profiles of 25 board diversity candidates made available after a comprehensive industry-specific search and evaluation

24/7 researched tracking to identify new candidates:

  • Our search process is analytical and continuously adds more dimensions to candidate searches
  • Our database contains profiles of 15,000 new directors appointed between January to December 2021 (300+ new directors are appointed per week worldwide)
  • Our team then selects best 25 board diversity candidates available for each industry group from these 15,000 directors
  • Each new director appointed scrutinized for its possible board diversity inclusion and worthiness
  • 4 quarterly new listings of best 25 board diversity candidates made available based on newly appointed directors

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Analysis Summary of 25 Candidates Meeting Board Diversity Requirements

Section 2: List of Candidates: By Diversity Attributes

Section 3: List of Candidates: By Industry

Section 4: List of Candidates: By Country

Section 5: List of Candidates: By Market Capitalization Group

Appendix 1: Profiles of 25 Candidates meeting Board Diversity Requirements

Key benefits:

  • Easy access to information on candidates meeting diversity requirements to be eligible for getting appointed on company boards
  • Useful for smaller companies that face difficulties in finding candidates with diversity requirements
  • Saves fees of traditionally high-power recruiting agencies that work on finding board members
  • Helps in reducing delays in search of ideal board members meeting diversity requirements

Industry group modules

  • IG-1 Capital Goods

  • IG-2 Consumer Goods

  • IG-3 Energy

  • IG-4 Financial Services

  • IG-5 Healthcare

  • IG-6 Materials

  • IG-7 Retailing

  • IG-8 Services

  • IG-9 Technology

  • IG-10 Transportation