Recent Board Diversity Specifics

Data on members with diversity appointed on company boards worldwide during the past six months of the year 2021 summarized and analyzed for several modules.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive information on 2,000+ board members with diversity appointed during June to December 2021
  • Available for 10 industry group modules each for US/Canada and Rest of the World
  • Details of 50+ members meeting diversity requirements on company boards for each module available at one place
  • Profiles of board members with diversity made available after a comprehensive industry-specific search and evaluation


  • 10 key industry groups
  • US/Canada and Rest of the World
  • 50+ board members with diversity for each module

Key benefits:

  • Easy access to the board diversity dynamics of last six months
  • Helps in identifying attributes of diversity of new board members
  • Board diversity information and trends for each industry group available

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Board Diversity Analysis

1.1 By diversity vs. non-diversity
1.2 By diversity attributes
1.3 By country
1.4 By industry
1.5 By market capitalization group

Section 2: Summary of New Board Members with Diversity: By Industry and Company Name

Section 3: Summary and Conclusions


Appendix 1: List of new board members: By country and company name
Appendix 2: List of new board members: By gender diversity
Appendix 3: List of new board members: By racial/ethnic diversity

Industry group modules

  • IG-1 Capital Goods

  • IG-2 Consumer Goods

  • IG-3 Energy

  • IG-4 Financial Services

  • IG-5 Healthcare

  • IG-6 Materials

  • IG-7 Retailing

  • IG-8 Services

  • IG-9 Technology

  • IG-10 Transportation