ESG 4-Hour Pass

Offers a unique one-of-a-kind service which provides, within four hours, needed information on ESG activities for a specific listed or non-listed company or set of companies worldwide which can help the client to make critical decisions quickly, accurately, and effectively.


  • Provides the required information on ESG within four hours
  • Undisputed edge with a dedicated experienced business research team at the client’s service
  • Besides continuously monitoring the clients’ requirement, this team, within these four hours, will quickly analyze the information as and when, and in the way the client needs it
  • Accessible 24/7 and 365 days/year from any part of the world
  • One decade of global company information database provides fast output
  • One stop source for customized ESG information as per client requirements within a given time period

Key features:

  • To start with 4 hours of experienced colleagues’ time during any 24 hours time period dedicated fully on this task
  • In cases where more work needs to be done, incremental hours can be added within 24 hours
  • All these colleagues are adequately qualified (MBA in Finance, fluency in English, well-trained on company research related to ESG, ability to further analyze quickly)
  • Co-ordination by a senior project manager, based at Princeton, NJ, who would be the sole person with access to the client’s email
  • Assigned tasks will be completed and output will be sent out in Doc, Excel, PDF or in any other file format as required by clients
  • This service is provided 24/7 — 365 days/year. Though we will accept only those number of projects on a given day as staffing allow us to complete
  • All details of the bespoke projects are kept strictly confidential

Our data service capabilities:

  • Our exhaustive database on ESG news worldwide and archives of ESG reports has helped us to service the information needs through various products and services
  • A continuous presence of skilled business researchers in our Princeton office facilitates us to take-up any information or analytical request within a short notice
  • Our products range from customized tailored requirement to weekly, monthly and yearly ESG data collection, which increases our versatility and adaptability to any kind of ESG information requirements
  • Being in this research field for about 30+ years, we know where and how to look and find any further ESG information available in public domains

Utilizing ESG 4-Hour Pass during business travels:

  • Considerable time is available at airports and in-flight
  • Internet connectivity is available more and more during travel time
  • Due to flexible work schedule, if team members may not be available (or long flights sometimes run into non-working hours of main office), this pass is the perfect back-up plan
  • New topics such as ESG – where changes take place considerable – can be checked quickly
  • Experienced research colleagues during travel time can find answers quickly
  • No need to subscribe to any of ESGspectrum products (needed information can be gleaned for specific tasks)

How it works:

  • Step1: To send your query at
  • Step 2: We will confirm feasibility of the queried work quickly and the estimated delivery time within 24-hours based on other tasks going on at a given hour
  • Step 3: At this point please go to ‘Pricing’ on right hand side of this page and to pay for 4 hours
  • Step 4: We will start work on your project immediately
  • Step 5: A senior project manager, based at Princeton, NJ, will keep you posted with progress as well as follow-up for any clarification we may need while working on your tasks
  • Step 6: We will send out work done at the end of 4 hours process

Project delivery schedule:

We confirm the time-blocks of available colleagues on a first come-first served basis. Thus advanced confirmation helps our scheduling next day.

And if a particular time block is more booked then we can reschedule our colleagues where feasible before closing a given time block for the day for new requests.

If more work needs to be done after 4 hours, we provide appointment next time the block is available and process it as a new task with $88.

Tasks that can be done on customized basis:

ESG News Analysis:

  • Latest ESG news of 10 selected companies
  • ESG news of non-listed companies or not-for-profit groups for last 3 months
  • ESG environmental/ social/ governance news for 10 selected companies
  • ESG regulatory/ investing/ reporting news for 10 selected companies
  • News related to ESG events/ collaborations/ issues for 10 selected companies

ESG Reports:

  • ESG Reports of 10 selected companies
  • ESG Reports of leading 10 companies of particular region/sub-region/country/industry/marketcap

ESG Pages:

  • Best ESG pages of 10 selected companies
  • ESG pages on COVID response for 10 selected companies
  • ESG pages on carbon footprint data for 10 selected companies
  • ESG pages on frameworks and standards reported for 10 selected companies