Data Items Available in ESG News Database

List of Variables Variables Description
Region Region for company / institute
Country Country for company / institute
Company Name Name of company / institute (left blank if non-company news
www Company / institute’s website link (official homepage)
Ticker Company’s ticker symbol, if it is listed (left blank if the company is non-listed)
Xchange-Codes Stock exchange code on which the company is listed (left blank if the company is non-listed)
  • Company’s market capitalization in USD millions (left blank if the company is non-listed)
  • MarketCap Range
    • Large Cap: MCap > USD 1000 millions
    • Mid Cap: MCap between USD 250 to 1000 millions
    • Small Cap: MCap between USD 50 to 250 millions
    • Micro Cap: MCap < USD 50 million
  • For non-company
    • NL-NPS-A/R/H/O: Academic/Research
    • Institute/Hospital/Organization
Industry Group Company’s industry group
Industry Company’s industry
PR-Date Date of the news (YYYYMMDD)
News Title
  • News title from company’s press release available from its company website
    • Exact title of a press release / auto trunacated if longer than 150 characters
    • If no press releases are available in company’s websites, then the news title from the other media source from which the news are taken is included in News Title field
News Description Source link of Press Release of company (from company web site section, if avail, or else other media source)
News Code News code assigned on the basis of type of news (there is a list of 60 news codes from where it is assigned)
News Code News code assigned to news
News Code Description Description of news code based on the news code assigned as mentioned above (it is automatically replaced from the list of 60 news codes)