ESG Reports: Daily Updates

Provides latest sustainability reports as per user requirement from the 50+ ESG reports published daily by the companies worldwide.

Key features:

  • Latest ESG reports provided daily as per user requirement
  • Reports available for leading companies worldwide
  • 4 regions worldwide and 10 industry groups covered
  • Categories where ESG reports not easily available also covered
  • Provides an excel with filenames already assigned of ESG reports sent

Key benefits:

  • Handy for large users who need around 1,000 ESG reports every month
  • Saves time and effort in searching/downloading the needed ESG reports from many websites
  • Easy access to the most recent and specific ESG reports
  • Delivered by FTP or any other fast data transfer services preferred by user

Useful to:

  • ESG index/ratings agencies
  • ESG standard-setters/regulators
  • ESG-focused leading mutual funds
  • ESG-focused major stock exchanges
  • ESG consultants
  • ESG-focused researchers

Components offered for user to choose ESG reports:

  • All ESG reports published daily
  • ESG reports of companies of any region or sub-region
  • ESG reports of companies of any country
  • ESG reports of companies of any industry group or industry
  • ESG reports of companies of any market capitalization group