ESG Daily News Files

ESGspectrum compiles a database for global ESG news and provides 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 or 2500 records as needed by the user. These records can be selected by the user for various sub-groups. Also the user can select combinations of these sub-groups.

Key features:

  • 200+ ESG news worldwide identified per day
  • Includes 100+ global ESG news of previous 24 hours
  • Small, medium and big multinational/non-multinational companies’ ESG news covered
  • Curated categorizations of ESG news done

Key advantages:

  • Provides easy to use excel file with more than 15 key attributes
  • Updated daily
  • Sub-set of full database can be subscribed to
  • New data can be also subscribed
  • Data items documented

Useful to:

  • Global companies to be updated with the different kinds of ESG activities being pursued worldwide
  • Large users who need updated information on ESG news
  • Investors analyzing varied kinds of ESG activities globally

Data Items Available in Database:

  • Our global ESG news database contains all the details of ESG news of companies/institutes worldwide. The detailed explanation of the data items included in the ESG news database is provided here.

Select Sub-Groups:

  • Regions
  • Sub-Regions
  • Countries
  • Industry Groups
  • Industries
  • Market Cap Groups
  • Non-Listed Companies/Not-for-Profit Groups
  • ESG Sub-Topics