ESG Daily Updates

Sample Edition

Get a quick update and round-up of global ESG news every day.

Key features:

  • 200+ ESG news of last 24 hours available in 11 modules
  • 25+ ESG news for each module in your email daily
  • Succinct news summary with source links provided for each news
  • Compiled from global/regional/local news media
  • Fifteen minutes read


  • Worldwide regions, key ESG topics and marketcap groups covered
  • 4 region modules – Asia, Europe, North America, Emerging Markets
  • 3 ESG topics modules – ESG Environment, ESG Social, ESG Governance
  • 4 marketcap group modules – LargeCap, Small-Mid-MicroCap, Non-Listed Companies, Not-for-Profit Groups

Table of Contents:

  • Section 1 – ESG News by Topic
  • Section 2 – List of Companies Covered: By Country or Region and Country
  • Section 3 – List of Companies Covered: By Industry Group and Country
  • Section 4 – List of Organizations Covered: By Country

Key Benefits:

  • Access to quick, brief, comprehensive and curated ESG news
  • Saves users’ efforts, time and costs in compiling such information daily
  • ESG news categorized to synchronize with the users’ areas of specific interest

Region modules

  • R-1 Asia

  • R-2 Europe

  • R-3 North America

  • R-4 Emerging Markets

ESG topic modules

  • T-1 ESG Environmental

  • T-2 ESG Social

  • T-3 ESG Governance

Marketcap group modules

  • M-1 LargeCap
  • M-2 Small-Mid-MicroCap
  • M-3 Not-Listed
  • M-4 Not-for-Profit Groups