Monthly Synthesis

Analyze and re-assess your ESG strategies and future plans with the insights from the monthly synthesis of 2,000 key ESG news.

30 ESG Monthly Synthesis editions available every month:

  • 10 ESG Topics editions
  • 10 Country-specific ESG editions
  • 10 Industry-specific ESG editions

Key features of each monthly Edition:

  • 50+ curated key ESG news
  • 5 key ESG analysis reflecting environmental, social and governance trends and directions
  • Key analysis based on 2,000 global ESG news compilation
  • News compiled from global/regional/local news media

News coverage in each monthly Edition:

  • ESG Company news (listed, non-listed, private equities, startups)
  • ESG Company reports and publications
  • ESG Stock and Finance news
  • ESG Data and Metrics news
  • ESG Indexes/Ranking/Ratings/Awards/Survey news
  • ESG Regulatory news
  • ESG Industry news
  • ESG Academia and Research news
  • ESG Events

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Summary of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Key News

1.1 Countries with most ESG key news
1.2 Industries with most ESG key news
1.3 Market capitalization groups with most ESG key news
1.4 Key ESG news for various news topics
1.5 Leading companies worldwide with most ESG key news

Section 2: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Key News: By Topic

Section 3: Summary and Conclusions


Appendix 1 List of companies covered: By Region, Country and Company Name
Appendix 2 List of companies covered: By Sub-Industries
Appendix 3 List of companies covered: By Market Capitalization

Usability to the users:

  • Company executives to access the trending ESG analysis for company‚Äôs self-assessment in its ESG approaches
  • Business development team to help in focusing on ESG-compliant products
  • ESG Compliance team to understand the prevailing ESG challenges and to update on the recommendations for them
  • Investors to identify ESG portfolios and investments
  • Business schools libraries in apprising and preparing the students on the comprehensive ESG activities globally
  • ESG report preparation team to compare and review their work with the metrics and measurements of ESG assessment worldwide

ESG Topics Coverage: Monthly Synthesis


T-1 Carbon Footprint/ Trading/ Emissions

T-2 Renewable & Alternative Energy




T-3 Socially Responsible Investing

T-4 Community Development




T-5 Stakeholder Engagement

T-6 Human Resources & Diversity

T-7 Human Rights

T-8 Business Ethics

T-9 Corporate Social Responsibility

T-10 ESG Management Changes


Countries Coverage:

C-1 Australia

C-2 Belgium

C-3 Canada

C-4 France

C-5 Germany

C-6 India

C-7 Japan

C-8 Switzerland

C-9 United Kingdom

C-10 United States



Industries Coverage:

I-1 Automotive

I-2 Banks

I-3 Chemicals

I-4 Diversified Financial Services

I-5 Food & Beverages

I-6 Home appliances/Furnishing/Personal Goods

I-7 Industrial Engineering

I-8 Information & Communication Technology

I-9 Oil, Gas & Power

I-10 Software