ESG & Not-for-Profit Groups: Monthly Synthesis

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Not-for-profit groups’ current ESG initiatives/trends identified every month in this analytically researched report.

This report is useful to:

  • Access the latest ESG trends every month in the not-for-profit groups’ activities globally
  • Not-for-profit groups’ team to understand, compare and integrate the peer not-for-profit groups’ new ESG approaches
  • Investors to assess, evaluate and identify the emerging investment opportunities in the not-for-profit groups every month

Research-base of this Report:

  • 1,000 ESG news of not-for-profit groups during the recent month
  • 4 types of not-for-profit groups
  • 5 global regions
  • 45+ ESG factors/metrics/reporting guidelines
  • ESG news from global/regional/local news and media portals

Key analysis researched every month in this Report:

  • ESG issues/concerns addressed by not-for-profit groups
  • ESG investments from not-for-profit groups
  • Extent of ESG activities by not-for-profit groups

Key trends provided every month in this Report:

  • ESG issues/challenges/regulations
  • Environmental concerns/initiatives
  • ESG investments/investing
  • Leading type of not-for-profit groups with ESG activities
  • Leading countries with ESG activities
  • 5+ ESG trends specific to not-for-profit groups

Table of Contents


Section 1: ESG Issues’ Analysis
1.1 The most addressed ESG issues by global Not-for-Profit Groups
1.2 The most addressed Environmental concerns by Not-for-Profit Groups globally
1.3 The leading ESG concerns/challenges/regulations for Not-for-Profit Groups worldwide

Section 2: ESG Investments’ Analysis
2.1 Leading ESG investments by Not-for-Profit Groups
2.2 Not-for-Profit Groups with most ESG investing

Section 3: ESG Activities’ Analysis:
3.1 Leading types of Not-for-Profit Groups with ESG activities worldwide
3.2 Leading countries with ESG activities for Not-for-Profit Groups
3.3 Leading Not-for-Profit Groups with ESG activities worldwide

Section 4: Key ESG News in Not-for-Profit Groups – By News Topics

Section 5: Summary and Conclusions

Appendix 1: List of not-for-profit groups covered: By country and organization name