ESG & Not-for-Profit Groups: Saturday Report

Identifies not-for-profit groups’ ESG news each week to analyze their weekly ESG initiatives/trends.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive information on 200+ ESG news for global not-for-profit groups compiled every week
  • Environmental, social and corporate governance challenges/concerns/initiatives analyzed
  • ESG investments from not-for-profit groups analyzed
  • Leading type of not-for-profit groups with ESG activities identified
  • Leading countries with ESG activities analyzed
  • 10+ ESG trends specific to not-for-profit groups provided

Key benefits:

  • Immediate access to the latest ESG activities of not-for-profit groups at one place
  • Helps in identifying ESG initiatives/trends of not-for-profit groups

Useful to:

  • Access the latest ESG trends every week in the not-for-profit groups’ activities globally
  • Not-for-profit groups’ team to understand, compare and integrate the peer not-for-profit groups’ new ESG approaches
  • Investors to assess, evaluate and identify the emerging investment opportunities in the not-for-profit groups every week

Table of contents:


Section 1: ESG Issues/Investments Analysis

1.1 By environmental issues
1.2 By social issues
1.3 By corporate governance aspects
1.4 By sustainability reporting
1.5 By ESG concerns/challenges/regulations
1.6 By ESG investments
1.7 By ESG investing

Section 2: ESG Activities Analysis

2.1 By leading types of not-for-profit groups
2.2 By country
2.3 By leading not-for-profit groups with ESG activities worldwide
2.4 By not-for-profit groups most ranked globally

Section 3: Summary of ESG News for Not-for-Profit Groups: By News Topic

Section 4: Summary and Conclusions


Appendix 1: List of not-for-profit groups covered: By country and organization name