ESG Ongoing Data Support

An ESG data-oriented continuous support service which helps the users in-progress to complete their ESG-data needs with added value.

ESG data support offered:

  • In-house synthesized/researched/analyzed ESG information
  • Latest ESG indicators/metrics
  • ESG trending issues
  • ESG trending challenges
  • Updated ESG news
  • Peer ESG/sustainability reports
  • ESG media analytical articles/viewpoints

Key features:

  • Support service conceptualized and designed to add value and insights
  • ESG-experienced team support available 24/7
  • Same colleagues assigned to continue till completion of work
  • Flexible timings for the desired support and outputs
  • Requested ESG-data output ready when the user starts next day
  • Details of the ESG-data request kept confidential
  • Only publicly available information and data utilized
  • Reasonable costs (cost estimates provided as per user specifications and requirements)
  • No long-term contracts

ESG data coverage offered:

  • 5+ years of ESG information
  • 5 global regions
  • 15+ industry sectors
  • 2,500 ESG/sustainability reports

Useful to:

  • ESG index providers
  • ESG ratings providers
  • ESG-focused leading mutual funds
  • ESG consultants
  • ESG standard-setters