ESG Reference Guides: Monthly

Every month, 250+ newly published ESG reference guides/regulatory guidelines/industry views and research reports worldwide accessed from 500+ organizations, analyzed across 35+ specific ESG topics, synopsized and listed.

Key features:

  • 500 key ESG organizations’ websites reviewed thoroughly every month
  • ESG reference guides, regulatory updates, industry opinions, resources and training, and research reports published every month included
  • Newly published ESG material analyzed by region and country/organization category/ESG subject/report type
  • Synopsis of ESG material selected provided

Key benefits:

  • Easy access to ESG reference guides, opinions and research reports published every month
  • Helpful to ESG implementing executives in timely reforming with the latest ESG guides and updates
  • Assists the business development professionals in clarifying and better understanding of ESG strategies
  • Helps the ESG strategists to gain insights from all-round perspectives


  • 250+ new ESG reference and resource materials published every month
  • 5 global regions
  • 25 ESG organization categories
  • 10 key ESG-focused subjects
  • 4 key type of ESG materials
  • Official websites, ESG media, ESG academic portals, ESG professionals’ platforms, ESG regulatory bodies and other established sources

Table of Contents:


Section 1: Analysis of ESG Reference Guides

1.1 ESG Reference Guides: By Region and Country
1.2 ESG Reference Guides: By Organization Category
1.3 ESG Reference Guides: By ESG Topic
1.4 ESG Reference Guides: By Type of Material

Section 2: Synopsis of ESG Reference Guides

Appendix 1: List of ESG Reference Guides – By Country and Organization

Appendix 2: List of ESG Reference Guides – By Organization Category and Name