Measures for COVID-19

ESG Pages: Initiatives and Measures for COVID-19

Offers a report providing select 25 ESG Pages reporting impact of COVID-19 on their ESG activities. This report is based on the study of the sustainability reports published by the global companies during the latest quarter for a set of countries and industries.

Key features:

  • Immediate access to ESG activities followed for COVID-19 by the companies and reported in their sustainability reports
  • Available for specific countries and industries
  • COVID-19 measures initiated by the companies categorized by several ESG aspects
  • Comparison of sustainability reporting practices of peer companies for COVID-19 available at one place
  • Select ESG pages provided here based on the study of sustainability reports published by leading companies worldwide during the latest quarter

Key benefits:

  • The collection of ESG pages on COVID-19 is a ready reference for the companies preparing their sustainability reports
  • ESG reporting trends for COVID-19 for each country or industry
  • Saves time and effort in searching and reviewing new sustainability reporting practices for COVID-19
  • Easy to share and discuss the new practices with your ESG team for insights and adaptations

Table of contents


Section 1: Index of ESG Pages with Initiatives and Measures for COVID-19 – By Country

Section 2: Index of ESG Pages with Initiatives and Measures for COVID-19 – By Industry

Section 3: Index of ESG Pages with Initiatives and Measures for COVID-19 – By ESG Topic

Appendix 1: List of Companies Covered – By Region/Country and Company Name

Appendix 2: Source Links to ESG Reports Reviewed – By Country and Company Name


To select a key country from the following:

Africa/Middle East

C-1 South Africa

C-2 MENA countries
C-3 Other African Countries


C-4 Australia
C-5 China
C-6 Hong Kong
C-7 India
C-8 Japan
C-9 New Zealand
C-10 South Korea

C-11 ASEAN Countries


C-12 Ireland
C-13 Italy
C-14 France
C-15 Germany
C-16 Netherlands
C-17 Spain
C-18 Switzerland
C-19 United Kingdom

C-20 Scandinavian Countries
C-21 European Emerging Markets Countries


C-22 Canada
C-23 United States

C-24 Latin American Countries

To select a major industry from the following:

Capital Goods

I-1 Automotive
I-2 Construction
I-3 Electronics
I-4 Industrial Engineering

Financial Services

I-10 Banks
I-11 Diversified Fin. Svcs.
I-12 Insurance
I-13 Real Estate


I-21 eCommerce
I-22 Trading/Distribution
I-23 Wholeseller/Retailers


I-31 Airlines
I-32 Ground/Rail Transportation
I-33 Marine Transportation

Consumer Goods

I-5 Food & Beverages
I-6 Home Appliances, Furnishing
and Personal Goods
I-7 Textiles & Apparels


I-14 Biotechnology
I-15 Medical Devices
I-16 Pharmaceuticals


I-24 Commercial Svcs
I-25 Media & Entertainment
I-26 Travel & Leisure



I-8 Oil, Gas & Power
I-9 Petrochemicals


I-17 Chemicals
I-18 Containers and Packaging
I-19 Metal Mining
I-20 Metals


I-27 Computer Hardware
I-28 Information & Comm. Technology
I-29 Software
I-30 Telecom