Select Pages for Key ESG Topics

Offers 25 best ESG pages for key ESG topics, selected from an in-depth review of 50,000 ESG pages of the sustainability reports published by the companies worldwide during January to March 2021. Each page of the recently released sustainability reports is evaluated for its Content and Presentation format to select the best ESG pages.

Key features:

  • A curated selection of 25 best pages for key ESG topics
  • Sub-topics within each key ESG topic reviewed and included
  • Reflects ESG reporting trends for key ESG topics for each country and industry

Key benefits:

  • Set of ready-best ESG pages available for key ESG topics to familiarize and incorporate in the user’s own new ESG report
  • ESG reporting trends for key topics for each country and industry easily obtained
  • Easy to share and discuss sustainability reporting practices for key ESG topics with own ESG team for insights and adaptations

Table of contents:


Section 1: Select ESG Pages – By Select Sub-Topic, Country/Industry and Company Name

Appendix 1: List of Companies Covered – By Region/Country and Company Name

Appendix 2: List of Companies Covered – By Industry, Country and Company Name

List of key ESG topics:


E-1 Carbon footprint

E-2 Climate change

E-3 Conserving water: a precious resource

E-4 Energy conservation

E-5 Greenhouse gas emissions

E-6 Waste management



S-1 Community

S-2 Customer health/ safety/satisfaction

S-3 Diversity and inclusion

S-4 Health/ Safety/ Wellbeing at workplace

S-5 Product info/quality/ safety/sustainability

S-6 Respecting human rights

S-7 Responsible supply chain

S-8 Workforce


G-1 Corporate/ Sustainability governance

G-2 Materiality

G-3 Promoting ethical business practices

G-4 Risk management

G-5 Stakeholder engagement

G-6 Standards & frameworks