ESG News Abstracts

The current trending ESG issues across industry sectors globally identified and summarized into succinct reports with its most recent updates.


  • Most important current ESG news provided for several modules
  • 25-50 news items curated for each module
  • Recent 3 months’ progress/debate/developments for the module included
  • Includes modules not covered in ESG Saturday reports/Monthly synthesis reports
  • Comprehensively summarized in-depth  
  • 10 page easy-to-read-through report
  • Easy and quickly accessible reports


  • 40+ countries
  • 5+ sub-regions
  • 35+ industry sectors
  • 35+ ESG news topics
  • 24/7 updates from established news and media portals worldwide
  • ESG news comprehensively sourced from public domains worldwide


  • In-depth researched summaries readily available
  • Saves time and resources in searching the relevant news developments of previous 3 months
  • Easy access to the most current updated version of the ESG report module
  • Reasonably priced as multiple copies subscribed by the users of a given report
  • Quick response as ‘ready-to-go’ output provided the same day
  • ESG news contents included in the output

Table of contents:


Section 1: ESG News Abstracts for selected module

Appendix 1: List of Companies Covered: By Company Name

Countries Industries ESG News Topics
Africa-Middle East Capital Goods ESG Investments
C-01 Kenya I-01 Aerospace & Defence T-01 ESG Acquisitions
C-02 Nigeria I-02 Automotive T-02 ESG Collaborations
C-03 Qatar I-03 Construction Services T-03 ESG Loans and Financing
C-04 Saudi Arabia I-04 Electronics T-04 ESG Product Initiatives
C-05 South Africa I-05 Industrial Engineering T-05 ESG Technology
C-06 United Arab Emirates Consumer Goods T-06 Impact Investments
Americas I-06 Agricultural Products T-07 Responsible Investments
C-07 Brazil I-07 Food/Beverages ESG Issues
C-08 Canada I-08 Home Appliances/Furnishing/Personal Goods T-08 ESG Challenges
C-09 Mexico I-09 Textiles/Apparel T-09 ESG Regulations
C-10 United States Energy T-10 ESG Reporting
Asia-Pacific I-10 Oil, Gas & Power T-11 ESG Strategies
C-11 Australia I-11 Petrochemicals ESG: Corporate Governance
C-12 China Financial Services T-12 Corporate Social Responsibility
C-13 Hong Kong I-12 Banks T-13 ESG Management Changes
C-14 India I-13 Diversified Financial Services T-14 Human Resources & Diversity
C-15 Indonesia I-14 Insurance T-15 Human Rights
C-16 Japan I-15 Real Estate T-16 Sustainable Finance
C-17 Malaysia Healthcare ESG: Environment
C-18 New Zealand I-16 Biotechnology T-17 Carbon Footprint/Trading/Emissions
C-19 Pakistan I-17 Healthcare Services T-18 ESG Circular Economy
C-20 Philippines I-18 Medical Devices T-19 Green Investment
C-21 Singapore I-19 Pharmaceuticals T-20 Green Products & Services
C-22 South Korea Materials T-21 Green Sustainability
C-23 Sri Lanka I-20 Chemicals T-22 Renewable & Alternative Energy
C-24 Thailand I-21 Containers & Packaging ESG: Funds, Stocks and Portfolios
C-25 Vietnam I-22 Glass/Concrete T-23 ESG Bonds
Europe I-23 Metal Mining T-24 ESG Climate Fund
C-26 Austria I-24 Metals T-25 ESG Equity Funds
C-27 Belgium I-25 Paper & Wood T-26 ESG ETF
C-28 Denmark Retailing T-27 ESG Fund Portfolio Expansion/Divestment
C-29 Finland I-26 E-Commerce T-28 ESG Funds
C-30 France I-27 Trading/Distribution T-29 ESG Indexes
C-31 Germany I-28 Wholesaler/Retailers ESG: Ratings, Awards and Research
C-32 Greece Services T-30 ESG Awards
C-33 Ireland I-29 Commercial Services T-31 ESG Rankings
C-34 Italy I-30 Conglomerate T-32 ESG Ratings
C-35 Luxembourg I-31 Media & Entertainment ESG: Social
C-36 Netherlands I-32 Travel & Leisure T-33 Activism
C-37 Norway Technology T-34 Community Development
C-38 Russia I-33 Information & Communication Technology T-35 Economic Development
C-39 Scotland I-34 Software T-36 Socially Responsible Investing
C-40 Spain I-35 Telecom  
C-41 Sweden Transportation  
C-42 Switzerland I-36 Air Freight & Logistics  
C-43 United Kingdom I-37 Airlines  
Sub-Regions I-38 Marine  
SR-01 Africa I-39 Road & Rail  
SR-02 ASEAN    
SR-03 Australia/New Zealand    
SR-04 Emerging Europe    
SR-05 Latin America    
SR-06 Middle East    
SR-07 Scandinavia