ESG Spectrum Passport

ESG Spectrum Passport allows users to get the latest set of publications for their choice of clusters i.e. region, sub-region, country, industry group, industry, marketcap group and ESG topic/sub-topic. The latest publications for various modules within each cluster are available to facilitate users to select their own choice of module for ordering.

Clusters available:

  • Region
  • Sub-Region
  • Country
  • Industry Group
  • Industry
  • Market Capitalization Group
  • ESG Topic/Sub-Topic

Key products available:

  • ESG Daily Updates
  • ESG Saturday Report
  • ESG Monthly Synthesis
  • ESG Reporting for Response to COVID-19
  • ESG Reporting for Carbon Footprint
  • ESG Pages: Frameworks and Standards Reported
  • ESG News Abstracts

Key features:

  • Each ESG Spectrum Passport cluster lists the specific products available
  • Related latest publications included in each ESG Spectrum Passport cluster for each product
  • For each product, the number of modules available in each cluster specified
  • User can select the product and module as per requirement
  • Ready to deliver

Advantages for prospective users:

  • User will be sent the latest publications at a token price to review
  • When the user subscribes to any of the module, the token price will be deducted from their subscription cost
  • Different than free samples we offer on products (which are older versions set up as examples to review coverage, presentation, format, etc.)

List of clusters, products and modules available:

Categories and Products Number of Modules available for each Cluster
Regions Sub-Regions Countries Industries Industry Groups MarketCap Groups ESG Topics/ Sub-Topics
ESG News Synopsis
ESG Daily Updates 4 4 3
ESG-Saturday Report 5 11 10 4 7
ESG Monthly Synthesis 10 10
ESG Reporting: Insights
ESG Reporting for Response to COVID-19 8 24 34 9 3
ESG Reporting for Carbon Footprint 8 24 34 9 3
ESG Pages: Frameworks and Standards Reported 8 27 32 10 3
ESG Custom Research
ESG News Abstracts 7 39 38 34