ESG Company Profile

60+ latest ESG-attributes of a company comprehensively accessed and presented in a standardized format.

Key features:

  • Easy-to-understand profile format
  • Regularly updated company ESG-information/data
  • Additional ESG reporting information included
  • Public domain platforms and sustainability reports sourced for information/data
  • Source reference links given for each ESG-information
  • ESG report of the company provided for immediate reference
  • Company profiled by experienced colleagues

Key benefits:

  • One-stop place to access all the key ESG-specific information of a company
  • Standardized ESG format facilitates to review and compare
  • Saves time and resources in searching and gathering information
  • Reasonable cost
  • ESG updates of a company at different periodicities cumulatively reflected in the profile
  • All sustainability relevant reports covered (CSR, ESG, Integrated, Sustainability)

Coverage in the ESG company profile:

  • Country, Company name, www, Ticker, Industry, Marketcap
  • Key ESG factors covered by the company in its latest ESG report
  • ESG factors added and dropped by the company in its latest ESG report compared to its previous year report
  • Select best ESG pages of the company
  • ESG pages of the company with reporting on key frameworks/ standards/ COVID-19 response
  • Coverage of the company in ESG Indexes/ Ratings/ Rankings/ Funds
  • Recent ESG news of the company
  • ESG pages available in annual/ quarterly/ associated report(s) published by the company

Our advantages:

  • We have an experience to go through various sustainability reports of many companies
  • The underlying content sets are updated regularly on a global basis
  • The company profiles can be easily shared within the team by the users
  • Internal data can be added in this format by users
  • Can be provided for multiple companies
  • Very reasonable per company cost