ESG Data Sources to Compile ESG Report

Provides ESG data sources for a company to compile its own ESG report.

Key features:

  • Provides comprehensive ESG data sources for compiling ESG report
  • Client can select any industry or set of companies for ESG data sources to be provided
  • Immediate access to precise ESG texts from company sustainability reports
  • Formats and graphics reflect the prevailing trends and can easily be modified
  • Offers flexibility to customize further for company logos, titles and to compile a cohesive package

Data provided by ESGspectrum:

  • 25 ESG reports for a selected industry or ESG reports of a set of 25 companies
  • Separate pages by topic on these 25 companies’ ESG reports
  • ESG news of recent 6 months for selected industries or set of companies
  • Analysis framework in excel with detailed documentation

Key benefits:

  • ESG data sources on hand to review, compare and adapt
  • Comparison of sustainability reporting practices of companies available at one place
  • Saves time and efforts in searching and reviewing various sustainability reporting practices
  • Easy to share and discuss with team for insights and adaptations
  • Saves time and efforts of the company executives in compilation of their sustainability report
  • Largely less chances of errors and omissions as compared to in-house report preparation
  • At par with the sustainable reporting trends and standards

How it works:

  • Client to select an industry or topic or set of companies
  • To then subscribe to the dataset for selected industry or topic or set of companies from
  • ESG reports/pages/news will be then provided