Inclusion in ESG Indexes, Ratings and Rankings

Provides summary of leading global companies with ESG external validation attributes such as ESG indexes, ratings and rankings for companies releasing inaugural ESG reports.

Key features:

  • ESG ratings assigned to global companies by diverse rating agencies worldwide studied comprehensively
  • Information on global companies’ listings on several ESG indexes worldwide included
  • ESG rankings assigned by different global organizations for the companies worldwide covered
  • ESG validation attributes of peer companies reviewed by companies releasing inaugural ESG reports
  • Information compiled from ESG section provided by global companies on their websites


  • 4 global regions
  • 25+ key countries worldwide
  • 35+ leading industries
  • 4 market capitalization groups

Key benefits:

  • Easy comparison of ESG external validation of global companies at one place
  • Quick access to peer companies with ESG external validation for companies releasing inaugural ESG reports
  • ESG ratings and rankings from different agencies/organizations available at one place
  • Inclusion of companies worldwide in different indexes accessible easily
  • Saves time of companies releasing inaugural ESG reports on searching and reviewing different sources for information on ESG external validation of peer companies
  • Helpful for companies releasing inaugural ESG reports to include ESG external validation in their subsequent ESG reports

Table of contents:


Section 1: ESG External Validation Analysis of Peer Companies

1.1 ESG external validation attributes reported most
1.2 ESG external validation attributes reported – By region
1.3 ESG external validation attributes reported – By key countries
1.4 ESG external validation attributes reported – By leading industries

Section 2: Peer Companies with ESG External Validation

Section 3: ESG External Validation Grading

3.1 ESG indexes
3.2 ESG ratings
3.3 ESG rankings

Section 4: ESG Indexes Summary

4.1 Americas
4.2 Asia/Pacific
4.3 Europe
4.4 Emerging Markets

Section 5: ESG Ratings Summary

5.1 Americas
5.2 Asia/Pacific
5.3 Europe
5.4 Emerging Markets

Section 6: ESG Rankings Summary

6.1 Americas
6.2 Asia/Pacific
6.3 Europe
6.4 Emerging Markets

Section 7: Profiles of Peer Companies with ESG External Validation – By Country and Company Name

Appendix 1: List of Companies Covered – By Region, Country and Company Name

Appendix 2: List of Companies Covered – By Market Capitalization Group, Country and Company Name

List of modules available:

Leading Industries

Capital Goods

  • CG-1 Aerospace & Defence
  • CG-2 Automotive
  • CG-3 Construction
  • CG-4 Electronics
  • CG-5 Industrial Engineering

Consumer Goods

  • CO-1 Agricultural Products
  • CO-2 Food & Beverages
  • CO-3 Home Appliances, Furnishing and Personal Goods
  • CO-4 Textiles & Apparels


  • EN-1 Oil & Gas
  • EN-2 Petrochemicals
  • EN-3 Utilities

Financial Services

  • FS-1 Banks
  • FS-2 Diversified Financial Services
  • FS-3 FinTech
  • FS-4 Insurance
  • FS-5 Real Estate


  • HC-1 Biotechnology
  • HC-2 Healthcare Services
  • HC-3 Medical Devices
  • HC-4 Pharmaceuticals


  • MT-1 Chemicals
  • MT-2 Containers and Packaging
  • MT-3 Metal Mining
  • MT-4 Metals


  • RT-1 Convenience Stores
  • RT-2 Department Stores
  • RT-3 eCommerce and Internet Services
  • RT-4 Pharmacy Stores
  • RT-5 Trading/Distribution


  • SV-1 Commercial Services
  • SV-2 Conglomerate
  • SV-3 Media & Entertainment
  • SV-4 Travel & Leisure


  • TE-1 Computer Hardware
  • TE-2 Information & Communication Technology
  • TE-3 Software
  • TE-4 Telecom


  • TR-1 Air Freight & Logistics
  • TR-2 Airlines
  • TR-3 Ground/Rail Transportation
  • TR-4 Marine Transportation

Key Countries/Sub-Regions

Africa/Middle East

  • AM-1 South Africa
  • AM-2 MENA Countries
  • AM-3 Other African Countries


  • AP-1 Australia
  • AP-2 China
  • AP-3 Hong Kong
  • AP-4 India
  • AP-5 Indonesia
  • AP-6 Japan
  • AP-7 Malaysia
  • AP-8 New Zealand
  • AP-9 Philippines
  • AP-10 Singapore
  • AP-11 South Korea
  • AP-12 Thailand
  • AP-13 ASEAN Countries
  • AP-14 Asian Emerging Markets Countries
  • AP-15 East Asian Countries
  • AP-16 South Asian Countries


  • EU-1 Denmark
  • EU-2 Finland
  • EU-3 France
  • EU-4 Germany
  • EU-5 Ireland
  • EU-6 Italy
  • EU-7 Netherlands
  • EU-8 Norway
  • EU-9 Spain
  • EU-10 Sweden
  • EU-11 Switzerland
  • EU-12 United Kingdom
  • EU-13 Scandinavian Countries
  • EU-14 European Emerging Markets Countries


  • AR-1 Brazil
  • AR-2 Canada
  • AR-3 United States (Capital Goods)
  • AR-4 United States (Consumer Goods)
  • AR-5 United States (Energy)
  • AR-6 United States (Financial Services)
  • AR-7 United States (Healthcare)
  • AR-8 United States (Materials)
  • AR-9 United States (Retailing)
  • AR-10 United States (Services)
  • AR-11 United States (Technology)
  • AR-12 United States (Transportation)
  • AR-13 United States (LargeCap)
  • AR-14 United States (MidCap)
  • AR-15 United States (Non-Listed)
  • AR-16 Latin American Countries

Market Capitalization

MarketCap Groups

  • M-1 LargeCap
  • M-2 Small-MidCap
  • M-3 Not-Listed
  • M-4 Not-for-Profit Groups