ESG Reports Watch List

We watch out for the user-requested components for large quantity of global ESG reports in our everyday review and send the relevant ESG reports.

Components offered for Watch List request:

  • Region (4 Regions to choose from)
  • Sub-Region (8 Sub-Regions to choose from)
  • Country (25+ Countries to choose from)
  • Industry (40+ Industries to choose from)
  • MarketCap Group (4 MarketCap groups to choose from)
  • Type of Report (5 Types to choose from)

Key features:

  • Access to large quantity of global ESG reports reflecting the users’ customized requirements
  • ESG reports available checked daily to make available reports for the user-selected module
  • The ESG reports chosen by our experienced analysts ensuring the best possible data/information for the requested ESG customization
  • Ready delivery mode for the ESG reports of module selected

Key benefits:

  • Hard-to-obtain combination of the needed ESG data/information/reporting trends easily accessed
  • Provides a quick and similar objectives’ reference-point for formulating/fine-tuning your company’s ESG report
  • Saves time and effort in waiting and keeping track, and searching/downloading the needed global ESG reports and other ESG information from many websites
  • Helps in your proactive approach to check ESG reports of the competitors or those who are well-respected in their business

Offered for selection of Watch List for ESG reports:

  • Any Region
  • Any Country
  • Any Industry
  • Any MarketCap Group
  • Any Type of Report
  • Combination of any of the above

To select from any combination of these modules for the watch list:

Key Countries/Sub-Regions


  • AR-201 Brazil
  • AR-202 Canada
  • AR-203 United States
  • AR-204 Latin American Countries

Africa/Middle East

  • AM-201 South Africa
  • AM-202 MENA Countries
  • AM-203 Other African Countries


  • AP-201 Australia
  • AP-202 China
  • AP-203 Hong Kong
  • AP-204 India
  • AP-205 Indonesia
  • AP-206 Japan
  • AP-207 Malaysia
  • AP-208 Singapore
  • AP-209 South Korea
  • AP-210 Taiwan
  • AP-211 ASEAN Countries
  • AP-212 Asian Emerging Markets Countries
  • AP-213 Southeast Asian Countries


  • EU-201 Denmark
  • EU-202 Finland
  • EU-203 France
  • EU-204 Germany
  • EU-205 Italy
  • EU-206 Netherlands
  • EU-207 Norway
  • EU-208 Spain
  • EU-209 Sweden
  • EU-210 Switzerland
  • EU-211 United Kingdom
  • EU-212 Scandinavian Countries
  • EU-213 European Emerging Markets Countries

Leading Industries

Capital Goods

  • CG-201 Aerospace & Defence
  • CG-202 Automotive
  • CG-203 Construction
  • CG-204 Electronics
  • CG-205 Industrial Engineering

Consumer Goods

  • CO-201 Agricultural Products
  • CO-202 Food & Beverages
  • CO-203 Home Appliances, Furnishing and Personal Goods
  • CO-204 Textiles & Apparels


  • EN-201 Oil & Gas
  • EN-202 Petrochemicals
  • EN-203 Utilities

Financial Services

  • FS-201 Banks
  • FS-202 Diversified Financial Services
  • FS-203 FinTech
  • FS-204 Insurance
  • FS-205 Real Estate


  • HC-201 Biotechnology
  • HC-202 Healthcare Services
  • HC-203 Medical Devices
  • HC-204 Pharmaceuticals


  • MT-201 Chemicals
  • MT-202 Containers and Packaging
  • MT-203 Metal Mining
  • MT-204 Metals
  • MT-205 Paper & Wood


  • RT-201 Sustainability Reports
  • RT-202 Environmental, Social and Governance Reports
  • RT-203 Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
  • RT-204 Impact Reports
  • RT-205 Integrated ESG Reports


  • SV-201 Commercial Services
  • SV-202 Media & Entertainment
  • SV-203 Travel & Leisure


  • TE-201 Computer Hardware
  • TE-202 Information & Communication Technology
  • TE-203 Software
  • TE-204 Telecom


  • TR-201 Air Freight & Logistics
  • TR-202 Airlines
  • TR-203 Ground/Rail Transportation
  • TR-204 Marine Transportation

Market Capitalization

MarketCap Groups

  • M-201 LargeCap
  • M-202 MidCap
  • M-203 Small
  • M-204 Not-Listed