ESG Database Research

ESGspectrum Databases Summary

An ESG data-oriented continuous support service which helps the large ESG data users and ESG-focused researchers in academia to complete their ESG-data needs with added value.

ESG data support offered:

  • In-house synthesized/researched/analyzed ESG information
  • Latest ESG indicators/metrics
  • ESG trending issues
  • ESG trending challenges
  • Updated ESG news
  • Peer ESG/sustainability reports
  • ESG media analytical articles/viewpoints
  • Select ESG pages from sustainability reports

Key features:

  • Support service conceptualized and designed to add value and insights
  • Ongoing data support provided to large ESG data users
  • Customized data support available for academic research
  • Large scale data collection by ESG-experienced team with most data already available
  • If we do not have requested dataset ready, we will assign staff and compile dataset within few days of receiving request
  • Close co-ordination with clients in terms of setting up data
  • Undisputed edge with a dedicated experienced business research team at client’s service
  • Accessible 24/7 and 365 days/year from any part of the world
  • Details of the ESG-data request kept confidential
  • Only publicly available information and data utilized

Useful to:

  • ESG index providers
  • ESG ratings providers
  • ESG-focused leading mutual funds
  • ESG consultants
  • ESG standard-setters
  • Researchers with an ESG-focused career
  • Academicians seeking ESG data and information
  • Professors for their academic research data needs
  • PhD students for their dissertations


  • Quick access as requested ESG-data output which usually requires an annual or monthly subscription provided within 24 hours
  • Completely oversteps the long and complicated process of subscription when all you need is a specific information within a day
  • Reasonable costs (cost estimates provided as per user specifications and requirements)
  • Costs fraction of usual subscription rate
  • Customized data support covers wider scope
  • Transforms the large ESG data into analytics and insights within a day
  • No long-term contracts

Data support capabilities:

  • Multiple ESG datasets for companies worldwide are available to service the information needs through various products and services
  • A continuous presence of skilled business researchers in our multiple locations across the world facilitates us to take-up any information or analytical request on any amount of ESG data within a short notice
  • Our products range from customized tailored requirement to weekly, monthly and yearly ESG data collection, which increases our versatility and adaptability to any kind of ESG data requirements
  • Being in this research field for about 30+ years, we know where and how to look and find any ESG related information available in public domains across the world

How it works:

  • Step1: Send your ESG data requirement at
  • Step 2: ESGspectrum team will send the estimated delivery schedule and cost estimate for your approval
  • Step 3: As per your approval, invoice will be sent to you along with an email
  • Step 4: At this point, you need to go to ‘Pricing’ on right hand side of this page and pay utilizing applicable amounts as per invoice
  • Step 5: We will deliver the contents according to the project proposal