ESG Governance: Board Diversity Daily Updates Database

New board members with gender and racial/ethnic diversity identified from new global board appointments of every day and of last 6 months.

New board diversity members:

  • New diverse board members’ appointment news summarized
  • New board diversity appointments identified from 30+ daily global board appointments and from last 6 months appointments
  • Gender and racial/ethnic board diversity presented


  • US/Canada and Non-US/Canada
  • 10 industry groups
  • 4 marketcap groups
  • Non-listed companies
  • Compiled from global/regional/local news media
The coverage of ESG board diversity updates during July to October 2021 is available here.

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Summary of New Board Members with Diversity: By Industry and Company Name

Section 2: List of New Board Members Covered: By Country and Company Name

Section 3: List of New Board Members Covered: By Gender Diversity

Section 4: List of New Board Members Covered: By Racial/Ethnic Diversity

Key benefits:

  • Quick and effortless access to the latest board diversity appointments worldwide
  • Handy for users seeking immediate information on 800+ new board appointments every month
  • Helps in identifying attributes of diversity of new board members

List of variables in database:

  • Our ESG governance: board diversity database contains all details related to each new board member appointed. The explanation of the list of variables included in the database is provided here.