Trends in ESG Investing

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Relevant key news and articles on ESG Investing summarized and analyzed succinctly every month.

Key features:

  • 50+ insightful news on ESG Investing reflecting trends
  • A curated summary of articles on ESG Investing available from various media sources
  • Worldwide regions and leading industry sectors included
  • 5+ key ESG analysis reflecting trends and directions
  • News and articles compiled from global/regional/local news media
  • Includes information on ESG bonds/funds/indexes
  • Compiled, updated and provided every month
  • Source links provided for immediate reference

Key benefits:

  • Easy access to news and articles relevant to ESG Investing
  • ESG Investing aspects of companies easily available at one place every month
  • Saves users’ time on searching and reviewing different sources for information on ESG Investing
  • Varied synopsis on ESG Investing easily accessible for investors

Useful for:

  • Users who are currently investing using ESG factors or who are considering doing so
  • Investors to invest in companies that score highly on environmental and societal responsibility scales
  • Company executives to compare to their peers in terms of performance when considering ESG factors alongside financial factors
  • Users seeking additional information on ESG Investing topic

Table of contents:


Section 1: Analysis of ESG Investing News

1.1 Sub-topics with most ESG Investing news
1.2 Countries with most ESG Investing news
1.3 Industries with most ESG Investing news
1.4 Market capitalization groups with most ESG Investing news
1.5 Leading companies worldwide with most ESG Investing news

Section 2: Analysis of ESG Investing Articles

2.1 Sub-topics with most ESG Investing articles
2.2 Countries with most ESG Investing articles

Section 3: ESG Investing News: By Region

Section 4: ESG Investing Articles: By Country

Section 5: Summary and Conclusions