Financial Services ESG Reports Series: Ready Formats/Presentations Templates

Ready formats/presentations templates from our identified best ESG reporting pages from ESG reports of Financial Services companies worldwide provided to set up user’s own ESG report.

How are our Ready Formats/Presentations Templates conceived?

  • 100+ industry/country-specific ESG reports of leading Financial Services companies accessed and qualitatively reviewed
  • From this review, best pages selected for 70+ specific ESG factors for specific industry/country
  • Then, for each of the 70+ specific ESG factors, 5 distinct best pages selected
  • From each page thus selected, templates of formats/presentations set up
  • User can select one of the 5 formats/presentations templates for each of the 70+ specific ESG factors as per requirement
  • User can adapt the formats/presentations templates selected and modify with applicable directions

Valuable advantages:

  • Easy access to 100+ best formats-presentations templates identified by us for user selection
  • Offers to select user-needed best formats-presentations templates choices from these 100+
  • Provides immediate preparation of user’s ESG report with selected formats-presentations templates
  • Provides industry/country-specific comprehensive formats-presentations choices to select from
  • Modifications can be done to the formats-presentations templates easily following the applicable directions provided
  • Adds quality and strength to the ESG report to be set up by incorporating best of ESG reporting
  • A complete visually professional ESG report prepared in a short time
  • Affordable costs


  • 4 industries
  • 4 global regions
  • 25+ key countries
  • 70+ ESG factors

Key benefits:

  • Saves time and effort in searching and reviewing industry/country-specific Financial Services ESG reports to prepare own report
  • Industry/country-specific ESG reporting formats-presentations for key ESG factors can easily be obtained, reviewed and modified
  • Easy adaptation of visually pleasing formats-presentations for key ESG factors in the ESG report