Financial Services ESG Reports Series: Ready Text Templates

Ready text templates from our identified best ESG reporting pages from ESG reports of Financial Services companies worldwide provided to set up user’s own ESG report.

How are our ESG Ready-Text Templates conceived?

  • 100+ industry/country-specific ESG reports of leading Financial Services companies accessed and qualitatively reviewed
  • From this review, best pages selected for 70+ specific ESG factors for specific industry/country
  • Then, for each of the 70+ specific ESG factors, 5 distinct best pages selected
  • From each page thus selected, template of ready-to cut-and-paste generic text paragraphs set up
  • User can select one of the 5 text templates for each of the 70+ specific ESG factors as per requirement
  • User can just fill up blanks in the text templates selected

Valuable advantages:

  • Easy access to 100+ best ready text templates identified by us for user selection
  • Offers to select user-needed best ESG text templates choices from these 100+
  • Provides immediate preparation of user’s ESG report with selected ESG text templates
  • Provides industry/country-specific comprehensive text choices to select from
  • Data can be added to the text templates easily just by filling up the blanks
  • Adds quality and strength to the ESG report to be set up by incorporating best of ESG reporting
  • A complete informative professional ESG report prepared in a short time
  • Affordable costs


  • 4 industries
  • 4 global regions
  • 25+ key countries
  • 70+ ESG factors

Key benefits:

  • Saves time and effort in searching and reviewing industry/country-specific Financial Services ESG reports to prepare own report
  • Industry/country-specific ESG reporting text for key ESG factors can easily be obtained, reviewed and modified
  • Easy adaptation of key sustainability reporting practices of Financial Services sector for key ESG factors in the ESG report