Japan ESG Reports

The evolution of corporate reporting on ESG topics around the world is influenced by unique and varied political, economic, social and environmental factors. To understand the current state of corporate reporting in each country, it is useful to reflect on how specific factors and market developments have shaped action and regulation. The Japanese regulators, companies, and investors have been embracing sustainability by mainstreaming sustainability information in Japanese corporate reporting. The products listed below access, examine and analyze such sustainability reporting landscape of Japan, one of the largest economies in the world.

Monthly Selections

  • Best ESG Reports: Japan ESG reports released every month exhaustively accessed, reviewed in-depth and the best reports identified and analyzed here.
  • Major ESG Initiatives: Analytically identified and selected major ESG initiatives reported recently by the Japanese companies in their ESG reports comprehensively compiled here.
  • Best Pages: 100+ best ESG pages identified from ESG reports published recently by Japanese companies covering 60+ key ESG factors offered here.

Compile new ESG Reports

  • Peer Group ESG Reports: 10 to 25 Japan company sustainability reports for the user-chosen module selected from industry/sub-industry/marketcap groups provided here.
  • Ready Text Templates: Ready text templates from our identified best ESG reporting pages from Japan ESG reports provided here to set up user’s own ESG report.
  • Ready Formats/Presentations Templates: Ready formats/ presentations templates from our identified best ESG reporting pages from Japan ESG reports provided here to set up user’s own ESG report.

Validation of ESG Reports

  • ESG Company Profile: 70+ latest ESG-attributes of user-selected 5 to 10 Japanese companies’ ESG reports comprehensively accessed; and compared, analyzed and presented in a standardized format here.
  • Industry/Country Average Comparison: ESG reporting of a user-selected Japanese company comprehensively compared here with averages of 10 peer Japanese companies within the same industry.
  • Peer Group Report: A comprehensive comparison of ESG pages from ESG reports of user-selected 5 peer Japanese companies for 70+ ESG factors provided here.

Towards Better ESG Reports

  • ESG Issues and Answers: The currently trending specific ESG issues from Japan ESG reports identified and insights to overcome these challenges presented in a precise and succinct report here.
  • ESG Key Reporting Frameworks: A select collection of ESG pages disclosing how key reporting frameworks are most aligned and reported by the Japanese companies in their ESG reports provided here.
  • ESG Reporting Benchmarks: Analysis on ESG reporting based on an in-depth review of the sustainability reports published by the Japanese companies offered here.

ESG Visibility of Peer-Group Companies

  • Inclusion in ESG Indexes, Ratings and Rankings: Summary of ESG external validation attributes such as ESG indexes, ratings and rankings for Japanese companies releasing ESG reports provided here.
  • Inclusion in ESG-focused Mutual Funds: ESG-focused mutual funds that consists of leading Japanese companies are studied here for review by companies releasing their ESG reports.
  • ESG-Related Information: Companies releasing ESG reports are offered here with several ESG-related information of leading Japanese peer companies.

Training for ESG Reporting

  • For Preparing Japan ESG Report: An in-depth training to the Japanese company teams to prepare their ESG report provided here through self-study modules.
  • For Improving Japan ESG Reports: To comprehensively improve Japan ESG reports, the company preparing teams are offered here an exhaustive training in self-study modules.
  • For Preparing Advanced Topics ESG Reports: The company teams extensively trained here through self-study modules to compile the newly evolving ESG metrics and advanced ESG topics reports.