Japan ESG Reports: Major ESG Initiatives

A comprehensive compilation of analytically identified and selected major ESG initiatives conceived, developed and reported recently by the Japanese companies in their ESG reports.

Key features:

  • 100+ new Japan ESG reports evaluated every month to bring out a new set of best ESG initiatives
  • Creative and implementable ESG initiatives identified
  • Key major ESG initiatives analyzed from few important perspectives namely ESG factors, industries, market capitalization groups
  • Summary of major ESG initiatives provided
  • 10+ additional information on each ESG initiative covered
  • Source reference links available

Major ESG initiatives selected from:

  • 100+ Japan ESG reports published every month
  • 40+ leading industries
  • 4 market capitalization groups
  • Privately-owned companies
  • 60+ key ESG factors
  • 10+ inclusion/exclusion criteria

Report useful to:

  • ESG responsible teams of companies to stay updated with the new ESG initiatives being undertaken in Japan
  • Company executives to incorporate new ESG initiatives in their business activities
  • Business development team to evaluate the trending new ESG solutions at the initial stages of their planning

Table of Contents:


Research Methodology

Section 1: Analysis of ESG Initiatives Reported in the ESG Reports of Japan

Section 2: Japanese Companies with Best ESG Initiatives Reported in their ESG Reports

Section 3: Top ESG Initiatives Reported in the Japan ESG Reports
3.1 By Specific ESG Factor
3.2 By Industry

Section 4: Summary of ESG Initiatives Reported in the Japan ESG Reports
4.1 By ESG Factors
4.2 By Industry
4.3 By Market Capitalization Group

Appendix 1: Analysis of Japan ESG Reports Covered
1.1 Japan ESG Reports Covered: By Industry Group and Industry
1.2 Japan ESG Reports Covered: By Market Capitalization Group
1.3 Japan ESG Reports Covered: By Type of ESG Report