Japan ESG Reports Trends Series – ESG Validation: ESG Company Profile

70+ latest ESG-attributes of user-selected 5 to 10 Japanese companies’ ESG reports are comprehensively accessed; and compared, analyzed and presented in a standardized format.

Key features:

  • To-the-point and easy-to-understand profile format
  • Japanese company-released sustainability reports sourced for information/data
  • Source reference links given for Japan sustainability reports reviewed
  • Company profiled by experienced colleagues

Key benefits:

  • One-stop place to access all the key ESG-specific information of selected Japanese companies
  • Standardized ESG format facilitates to review and compare
  • Saves time and resources in searching and gathering information
  • Reasonable cost
  • All sustainability relevant reports covered (CSR, ESG, Integrated, Sustainability)
  • The company profiles can be easily shared within the team by the users

Coverage in the ESG company profile:

  • Company name, www, Industry, Ticker, Marketcap, Link to Reports Reviewed
  • Grading of the user-selected Japan ESG reports based on their contents and presentation to identify as best of best/runner-up/honorable mention reports
  • 70+ key ESG factors covered by the Japanese companies in their ESG reports
  • Grading of specific ESG factors reported by the Japanese companies’ in their ESG reports
  • Best pages identified from the ESG reports of select Japanese companies
  • Major initiatives reported in the ESG reports of select Japanese companies

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 – Company Information
  • Section 2 – List of 70+ Key ESG Factors Reviewed
  • Section 3 – Company Profiles