Peer Group ESG Reviews

Provides a comprehensive comparison of ESG pages from ESG reports of user-selected 5 peer companies for 70+ ESG factors.

Key features:

  • The ESG reports of user-selected 5 peer companies evaluated to compare their ESG pages
  • ESG factors reported in each ESG report of each company compared and analyzed
  • Comparison of ESG reporting done for the extent of consistency, quality and impact of reporting
  • The prevailing ESG reporting trends for peer companies highlighted
  • Output sent in 2 hours of receiving the order
  • 24-7 service

5 peer companies can be selected by the user from:

  • Any industry
  • Any region
  • Any country
  • Any market capitalization group
  • Any non-listed companies
  • Any not-for-profit groups
  • Any combination of the above

Key benefits:

  • Comparison of sustainability reporting practices of peer companies available at one place
  • Helps companies to examine their ESG reporting with other companies’ ESG reporting
  • Saves time and effort in searching and reviewing various sustainability reporting practices
  • Easy access to the prevailing sustainable reporting trends and standards of peer companies

Table of contents:

Executive Summary

Section 1: Consistency of ESG Reporting

Section 2: Quality of ESG Reporting

Section 3: Impact of ESG Reporting

Section 4: Best Pages of ESG Reporting

Section 5: Major ESG Reported

Section 6: Alternative Reporting Frameworks

Section 7: Research Methodology