Select ESG Pages:Industries

Offers industry-specific best ESG pages selected from an in-depth review of 50,000 ESG pages of the sustainability reports published recently by the companies worldwide. Each page of the recently released sustainability report is evaluated for its Content and Presentation format to select the Best ESG pages.

Key Content criteria assessed:

  • Clarity and Comprehensiveness
  • To the point, specific and sharp
  • Supportive data with text
  • Engaging/Sectioned off well/ Well-structured
  • Useful and high quality graphs and illustrations
  • Effectively giving out the ESG message

Key Presentation criteria assessed:

  • Sharp pictorial representation of data/information
  • Optimum and balanced spacing among the text, illustrations and empty space
  • Pleasing colors/ Visually easy on the eye/Uniform appearance

Key features:

  • A curated selection of industry-specific best ESG pages
  • 50,000+ ESG pages evaluated every month for key industries to select the best pages
  • Industry-focus ESG texts/charts/graphics from peer company’s sustainability reports provided
  • Prevailing ESG reporting trends for key industries highlighted
  • Users given 6 months’ industry-specific select best ESG pages at subscription time and then they can sign up for quarterly updates

Key benefits

  • Comparison of sustainability reporting practices of peer companies for leading industries available at one place
  • Best ESG pages available to adapt and start preparation of the user’s new own ESG report with industry-specific ESG perspectives
  • Largely less chances of errors and omissions as compared to in-house report preparation


  • 16 leading industries
  • 14 key countries from 4 regions worldwide
  • 25 key ESG sustainability topics
  • 4 market capitalization groups

Table of contents


Section 1: Select ESG Pages – Selected Industry

Appendix 1: List of Companies Covered – By Region, Country and Company Name

Appendix 2: List of Companies Covered – By ESG Topic, Country and Company Name

Appendix 3: List of Companies Covered – By Market Capitalization Group, Country and Company Name

To select a major industry from the following:

Capital Goods

– Automotive
– Construction
– Electronics
– Industrial Engineering

Financial Services

– Banks
– Diversified Fin. Svcs.
– Insurance
– Real Estate


– Convenience Stores
– Department Stores
– eCommerce
– Pharmacy Stores


– Airlines
– Ground/Rail Transportation
– Marine Transportation

Consumer Goods

– Food & Beverages
– Home Appliances, Furnishing
and Personal Goods
– Textiles & Apparels


– Biotechnology
– Medical Devices
– Pharmaceuticals


– Commercial Svcs
– Media & Entertainment
– Travel & Leisure



– Oil & Gas
– Utilities


– Chemicals
– Containers and Packaging
– Metal Mining
– Metals


– Computer Hardware
– Information & Comm. Technology
– Internet Services
– Software