ESG Issues and Answers: Selected Industries

The currently trending sub industry-specific ESG issues identified and insights to overcome these challenges presented in a precise and succinct report.

Key features:

  • The prevailing sector-focused ESG issues highlighted
  • These ESG issues analyzed from established media forums/research
  • Applicable as well as prospective ESG solutions listed
  • Easy-to-read and understand format
  • Updated quarterly with new ESG issues and solutions
  • A complete one-place informatively useful report on ESG risks, issues and solutions


  • 5 global regions
  • 15+ sub-industry sectors
  • Issues and answers curated from current research and analytical articles/white papers

Benefits of this report:

  • The most current ESG issues highlighted and addressed
  • Deep insights provided on sub-industry sector specific ESG challenges
  • Potential solutions, recommendations and work-in-progress updated for ESG issues

Report useful to:

  • ESG responsible teams of companies to foresee the probable ESG issues and find guidelines on how to overcome them
  • ESG responsible executives for preparing their ESG team with better insights
  • Business development executives to be aware of the likely ESG issues to be faced and therefore to incorporate their plans appropriately
  • Operations executives in knowing the day-to-day ESG challenges and the ways to deal with it

To select a major industry from the following:

Food Products

  • FP-1 Dairies
  • FP-2 Beverages
  • FP-3 Food Processing
  • FP-4 Plant-based Food Companies


  • EN-1 Oil and Gas: Exploration and Production
  • EN-2 Oil and Gas: Refining and Marketing
  • EN-3 Electricity Generation

Financial Services

  • FS-1 Banks
  • FS-2 Diversified Financial Services
  • FS-3 FinTech
  • FS-4 Insurance
  • FS-5 Real Estate


  • MN-1 Coal Operations
  • MN-2 Construction Materials
  • MN-3 Iron and Steel Production


  • TR-1 Air Freights and Logistics
  • TR-2 Ground Transportation
  • TR-3 Marine Transportations
  • TR-4 Air Travel

Resource Transformation

  • RT-1 Containers and Packaging
  • RT-2 Paper and Pulp Products

Digital Consumer Goods Marketing

  • DC-1 E-Commerce
  • DC-2 Food Delivery