Inaugural ESG Reports Series: ESG Reporting Benchmarks

Offers analysis on ESG reporting based on an in-depth review of the inaugural sustainability reports published by the companies worldwide.

Key features:

  • A curated compilation of ESG factors reported by the companies worldwide in their inaugural sustainability reports
  • Inaugural sustainability reports of global companies evaluated to analyze the ESG reporting
  • Analysis provided for various aspects such as
    • Companies with most ESG factors reported
    • Most ESG factors reported by each company
    • Most ESG factors reported by each country
    • Specific sustainability factors reported within each ESG factor
  • Updated quarterly
  • Prevailing ESG reporting trends highlighted


  • 70+ key ESG factors
  • 25+ key countries worldwide
  • 35+ leading industries
  • 300+ inaugural ESG reports reviewed every quarter

Key benefits:

  • Comparison of sustainability reporting practices of peer companies in their inaugural ESG reports available at one place
  • ESG factors most covered in inaugural sustainability reports of companies worldwide can be easily accessible
  • Access to prevailing sustainable reporting trends and standards of inaugural ESG reports
  • Helps investors avoid companies that might pose a greater financial risk due to their environmental performance or other social or governmental practices

Table of contents:


Section 1: Companies Reporting Most ESG Factors in their Inaugural ESG Reports

Section 2: Key ESG Factors Reported in Inaugural ESG Reports

2.1 By most ESG factors reported
2.2 By most environmental factors reported
2.3 By most social factors reported
2.4 By most governance factors reported
2.5 By region and country
2.5 By industry group and industry
2.6 By specific ESG factors reported

Section 3: Specific ESG Factors Reported in Inaugural ESG Reports

3.1 Americas
3.2 Asia
3.3 Europe

Section 4: Summary and Conclusions


Appendix 1: Source links to inaugural ESG reports reviewed: By region, country and company name

List of modules available:

Leading Industries

IG 1 Capital Goods

IG 2 Consumer Goods

IG 3 Energy

IG 4 Financial Services

IG 5 Healthcare

IG 6 Materials

IG 7 Retailing

IG 8 Services

IG 9 Technology

IG 10 Transportation