New ESG Initiatives

New ESG creative solutions implemented globally by companies identified, summarized into several sub-groups and made available to the user every month.

New ESG initiatives coverage:

  • Newly released 500 ESG reports per month reviewed to identify 500+ new ESG solutions
  • These 500+ new ESG initiatives grouped into Region/Industry/Market Cap/ESG Topic
  • 4 regions worldwide
  • 10 industry groups
  • 4 market capitalization groups
  • 10 key ESG topics

Key features of each report:

  • 25+ new ESG initiatives for the user-selected each sub-group
  • Summary of each new ESG initiative
  • Source reference links
  • 10+ additional information on each ESG initiative covered
  • Updated monthly

Benefits of this report:

  • Key new ESG initiatives undertaken by companies worldwide available at one place
  • Creative and implementable ESG solutions highlighted

Report useful to:

  • ESG responsible teams of companies to stay updated with the new ESG initiatives being undertaken globally
  • Company executives to incorporate new ESG initiatives in their business activities
  • Business development team to evaluate the trending new ESG solutions at the initial stages of their planning

Region modules

  • R-1 Americas

  • R-2 Asia

  • R-3 Europe

  • R-4 Emerging Markets

Industry group modules

  • IG-1 Capital Goods

  • IG-2 Consumer Goods

  • IG-3 Energy

  • IG-4 Financial Services

  • IG-5 Healthcare

  • IG-6 Materials

  • IG-7 Retailing

  • IG-8 Services

  • IG-9 Technology

  • IG-10 Transportation

Market capitalization group modules

  • M-1 LargeCap
  • M-2 Small-Mid-MicroCap
  • M-3 Not-Listed

ESG topic modules

  • T-1 Carbon Footprint/ Trading/Emissions

  • T-2 ESG Bonds

  • T-3 ESG Circular Economy

  • T-4 ESG Collaborations

  • T-5 ESG Loans and Financing

  • T-6 ESG Product Initiatives

  • T-7 ESG Strategies

  • T-8 Green Products & Services

  • T-9 Green Sustainability

  • T-10 Renewable & Alternative Energy