Select Pages: ESG Reports

Offers 25 best ESG pages for each key ESG topic. Best pages selected from an in-depth review of 50,000+ ESG pages of the recently published company sustainability reports.

Content criteria reviewed to select the Best 25 ESG pages:

  • Clarity and Comprehensiveness
  • To the point, specific and sharp
  • Supportive data with text
  • Engaging/Sectioned off well/Well-structured
  • Useful and high quality graphs and illustrations
  • Effectively giving out the ESG message

Presentation criteria evaluated to select the Best 25 ESG pages:

  • Sharp pictorial representation of data/information
  • Optimum and balanced spacing among the text, illustrations and empty space
  • Pleasing colors/Visually easy on the eye/Uniform appearance

Key inclusions in the Best 25 ESG pages:

  • Curated selection of 25 best pages for key ESG topics
  • Disclosure practices followed for key ESG frameworks and standards
  • COVID-19 response
  • 20+ key ESG topics, 4 global regions, 10 industry groups, 3 market capitalization groups

Key benefits:

  • Set of best ESG pages available for key ESG topics to familiarize and incorporate in the user’s own new ESG report
  • ESG reporting trends for key ESG topics for each region, industry group and market capitalization group easily obtained
  • Easy to share and discuss sustainability reporting practices for key ESG topics with own ESG team for insights and adaptations
  • Saves time and effort in searching and reviewing key ESG topic-specific sustainability reporting practices

To select a key ESG topic from the following:


  • E-1 Carbon footprint
  • E-2 Climate change
  • E-3 Conserving water: a precious resource
  • E-4 Energy conservation
  • E-5 Greenhouse gas emissions
  • E-6 Waste management


  • S-1 Community
  • S-2 Customer health/ safety/satisfaction
  • S-3 Diversity and inclusion
  • S-4 Health/safety/ wellbeing at workplace
  • S-5 Product info/quality/ safety/sustainability
  • S-6 Respecting human rights
  • S-7 Responsible supply chain
  • S-8 Workforce
  • S-9 COVID-19 response


  • G-1 Corporate/ Sustainability governance
  • G-2 Materiality
  • G-3 Promoting ethical business practices
  • G-4 Risk management
  • G-5 Stakeholder engagement
  • G-6 Standards & frameworks

To select a region from the following for the key ESG topic selected:

  • R-1 Americas

  • R-2 Asia

  • R-3 Europe

  • R-4 Emerging Markets

To select an industry group from the following for the key ESG topic selected:

  • IG-1 Capital Goods

  • IG-2 Consumer Goods

  • IG-3 Energy

  • IG-4 Financial Services

  • IG-5 Healthcare

  • IG-6 Materials

  • IG-7 Retailing

  • IG-8 Services

  • IG-9 Technology

  • IG-10 Transportation

To select a marketcap group from the following for the key ESG topic selected:

  • M-1 LargeCap
  • M-2 Small-Mid-MicroCap
  • M-3 Not-Listed