ESG for Continuing Education

Comprehensively facilitates integrating ESG with certificate offerings for professional students enrolling in continuous education.

Key features:

  • Conceptualized to consolidate certificate programs with study on current ESG trends
  • Flexible and customizable self-study modules
  • Sector focus or company focus based on the professional’s work experiences’ choices
  • Exhaustive global ESG source documents provided
  • Additional specific ESG data relevant and corresponding to the enrolled certificate program provided if possible
  • Affordable (and additional discounts available)

Useful for:

  • Cross-disciplinary professional students desiring to expand their study scope
  • Students choosing varied courses options for furthering career prospects
  • Professionals of any age group seeking to diversify with additional ESG learning credits

Data provided by ESGspectrum:

  • ESG reports for modules ordered
  • ESG news of recent 6 months for selected industries or set of companies
  • Analytical framework in excel with detailed documentation to pursue independent analysis
  • Very specific ESG data requirements facilitated on request from the ESG reports

Why needed:

  • Prepares for ESG career opportunities by facilitating exhaustive ESG data in self-study customized modules
  • To have a career jumpstart with ESG skills as many certificate programs have not introduced an elective course for ESG
  • Libraries of these certificate programs do not have the needed ESG data sources
  • Easier for professional students taking up 4 courses within a year to earn a certificate to customize the ESG project for their industry or their company’s topic of interest
  • Flexibility to take these courses whenever they have time as such certificate courses are less structured
  • Professionals’ employers’ ESG datasets may be confidential and thus they may need to work with the public domain datasets

How it works:

  • Either a professional student can order one or more of the modules available based on the student’s ESG course project requirements
  • Or a professional student can develop ESG course project outlines based on the datasets/reports/updates available at ESGspectrum and then order one or more of the modules available accordingly
  • A given certificate program pre-pays for 3 or 6 or 9 or 12 modules for select professional students
  • These professional students select the available modules from ESGspectrum website
  • ESGspectrum dispatches the modules outputs to the program coordinator (or professor teaching the course or the library of the certificate program)

Modules Available

Comparison of 25 ESG Reports – Select ESG companies -> Order this module -> Receive ESG reports for the selected ESG companies -> Set-up extraction of key variables (template provided) -> Compare the 25 ESG reports based on the data extracted through key variables -> Analyze and then Summarize -> Prepare and Submit the project. To order this module, please visit Set of Most Recent 25 ESG Reports

Study of Financial Reporting Practices of a ESG Topic – Select ESG topic -> Select country or industry -> Order this module -> Receive the select ESG pages with financial reporting for the chosen ESG topic and country/industry -> Study the ESG pages and Analyze -> Prepare and Submit the project. To order this module, please visit the four pages available under ESG Reporting on

Study of ESG Governance-Board Diversity Dynamics – Order this module by visiting the six pages available under ESG Board Diversity on -> Receive the latest editions of ESG Board Diversity reports ordered -> Study the reports for its dynamics- > Analyze each aspect -> Summarize, Prepare and Submit the project